Rebecca’s Story


Rebecca's Story

This is my story. A story of a party. Now I’ve got a group of friends that don’t mother me like my old friends. They give me the things that I really need, even though I’m skint.

I feel way more grown-up now.

I really like Stu, I don’t really see my old mates anymore, but I’m not bothered.

So, how did we meet? Basically Instagram. I’d just uploaded a selfie, and I don’t know him but he put a really nice comment on there. We chatted for ages, and I gave him my number and we chatted on Snapchat. I felt that I could really talk to Stu. We were into the same things, and he was really funny. My old friends just thought she was a creep – probably just jealous. He is a bit older, but that’s OK.

Then one his mates, a girl called Jenny, started talking to me, and she was brilliant. They both asked me to a party. I took one of my old friends, I probably wouldn’t have gone but Jenny was there, so it would be OK.

I was really excited to finally meet Stu, and just as git as in his profile picture. I totally got into the party, I’d had a good few drinks. Maybe I’d a bit much. Stu then offered me a pill, I didn’t want to turn him down – didn’t want to look like a baby. I didn’t know how to say no.

I don’t really remember much then. We missed our bus home, and there was no way I was ringing my mum, so I got a lift with Stu. Things happened in his car…. The booze made me feel that I couldn’t say no.

Now I go to lots of parties, and Stu makes sure that I’ve got everything I need when I’m there, drink and the odd pill… I pay him in other ways, I feel I can’t say no. I know that I’m not in a great situation, and do feel foolish, but they’re the only friends I’ve got now.

But I haven’t got any old friends now, so guess this is Ok…


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