Business Responsibilities

Whatever business you’re in, everyone has a responsibility to help protect children from child sexual exploitation.

Child sexual exploitation could be happening where you work. It is child abuse and a crime. It can happen in all communities and in many different places.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you:

• Know and understand what child sexual exploitation is

• Recognise the warning signs

• Know who to contact and how to report concerns

Information for Taxi and Hotel industry

People working in the Taxi and Hotel Industry are well placed to see strange behaviour and spot signs of child sexual abuse.

You could be the one that recognises the signs of sexual exploitation and help protect a young person from serious harm.

Information for those working in the taxi and wider transport industry

  • Abusers often make use of taxis when grooming a child or to move a child to a different location. Unusual behaviour such as young people or groups of men being dropped off at the same location may be a sign of a child being groomed. We need your eyes and ears. Don't keep your concerns to yourself.

The warning signs of CSE for those working in hotels

  • Young girls and boys with older men or women
  • Parties in room
  • Evidence of drugs and alcohol or discarded condoms in the bin
  • Guests refusing to provide ID or insisting on paying with cash
  • Lots of male visitors to a room
  • Guests who are secretive about their stay or they try to conceal what’s happening in the room
  • Girls and boys looking scared, or clearly under the influence of alcohol

Do you know the signs of child sexual exploitation?

It’s everyone’s responsibility