Report It


There are loads of people that can help.

If you’re worried about you or a friend being in a bad relationship, you can speak to Catch 22.

They can help you work out whether things are OK with your relationships and support you to make positive changes.

You can contact them on 01782 237106

Other people you can tell

There’s also loads of other adults you can tell if you or someone you know might be being sexually abused.

You might be worried about what happens next. You might think that it’s normal. But if you see it, say something.

There are loads of people and loads of different organisations that can help.

How can people from different organisations help?

This short video tells you about the different people and organisations that can help, and how they can help.

Quick contact details

If you have concerns that someone is being exploited, you can:

  • Contact First Response, if the child lives in Staffordshire – contact on 0800 1313 126 or report online
  • Contact the Safeguarding and Referral Team on 01782 235100, if the child lives in Stoke-on-Trent
  • Call the Police on 999 if you think the child is at risk of immediate harm
  • Call the Police on 101 if you think that the child needs help but isn’t at immediate risk of harm
  • Call the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000
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