Hannah’s story

He gets me what I need, and I do stuff in return, because I owe him. Everyone does it.

Mum and Dad don’t have much cash, so Daniel takes me out, and buys me the stuff I need – booze and the odd joint. We’ve been getting on really well, and I think he loves me. I’m definitely in love with him.

My other friends don’t understand it, and are real shocked when I told them that I’m moving in with him, but I know that they’re just jealous. He’s got me a great phone and some really decent clothes.

He has his friends around quite a lot, but that’s Ok. I get really drunk and things happen but I can’t pay him in any other way can I? I’ve been real down recently, can’t seem to shake it off to be honest and just can’t be bothered to do anything.

People have said that they don’t like the look of it, but it’s nothing to do with them and I can’t see what the issue is. It’s how the world works isn’t it? You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours?


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It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect children

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