Alexa's Story

It was going great with Brad. We were getting on really well and he bought me things to show me how much he cared.

It was really lovely and flattering. He was really caring and definitely gave me loads of attention. I live with my parents but they don’t understand me and they don’t care. So it was nice to be wanted.

But I’m angry now, I liked the booze he bought me but it stopped me from saying no.

We were at a party with his friends, they’re all much older than me but that made me feel special. Everyone was drinking and I was really enjoying myself, but then the room started spinning and I felt really weird – out of control.

They kept touching me and I couldn’t get any words out. I didn’t want to have sex but I was too out of it to say no.

And that’s the last thing I can remember.

I woke up in someone’s garden, without my bra and knickers. I told my friend who took me to the Police.

I can’t believe that they raped me, but looking back they were being nice to me for months and months before. I feel such a fool. I don’t trust anyone now.

But I did help the Police and they were really supportive. I don’t think they’ll be doing that to anyone else.


Do you know the signs of child sexual exploitation?

It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect children

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