Rebecca’s Party


Grooming parties

One of the ways that unhealthy relationships can lead to something even worse - sexual exploitation and abuse - is through ‘grooming parties.’

Any young person can be groomed, and because of peer pressure, being frightened, feeling like they owe someone or just feeling out of control, they have sex against their will.

Any child, of any age and any background can be sexually exploited, regardless of their gender of sexuality or their social or ethnic background. Offenders can be any adults or even young people, and are skilled at targeted and grooming young people.

Coming soon: Rebecca’s Party - A new resource for all professionals to support young people to avoid sexual exploitation at parties.

Rebecca’s Story is a new resource for schools to help them explore with their pupils (Year 9 and upwards) how to keep safe at parties. Young people often go to parties of people they don’t really know.

The story begins online, where ‘Stu’ starts to take an interest in Rebecca. Rebecca agrees to go to Stu’s party because she knows an older girl that’s started talking to her and is friends with Stu. There she drinks and even takes drugs because of peer pressure. The video ends with a question to the viewer ‘’What would you do?’’

Teachers should use the video along with a classroom pack that helps young people to spot the dangers and explore how to keep themselves safe.

All schools in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent have the opportunity to use these new materials which will be rolled out over 2019. The new materials are in the final stages of testing, but you can sign up now to get information on how to download and use the new materials from the summer term, 2019.

What do the Rebecca’ Party materials aim to do?

Support young people from Year 9 to:

• understand the risks of parties

• spot how grooming parties can be different than other parties

• explore and develop tactics to keep themselves safe

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