Grace’s story – missing from school and the impact of sexting

They keep doing it – hitting each other and hitting me and my brother.

Mum’s no longer with him, but she gets drunk a lot. So I get drunk with her, or hang out with my mates. I go to a lot of parties, and had sex a couple of times. I know I’m only 14 but if I give my consent it’s ok, isn’t it?

I started going out with this lad who’s the same age as me, just in a different class at school. He started sending me those types of messages, and was nice to feel wanted for once. He wanted a couple of naked pics so I sent it to him as a treat, thinking he wouldn’t show anyone. But he did, and even sent it onto his mates and posted it online.

Now everywhere I turn I’m laughed at and bullied. So I’ve made friends outside of school. I sleep with them – I’d rather not, but even I’ve got no one else, and they’ve got pictures of me. What do I do?


Do you know the signs of child sexual exploitation?

It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect children

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