Grace's Story

I didn’t know that sending him pictures would cause this much trouble.

We were seeing each other, Ross and I. He’s the same age as me but he acts much older and hangs around with older people.

That’s the trouble. He’s really popular and there’s always a load of girls around him. So when he said that I was square and that he’d stop being with me and giving me money, I felt forced into sending him pictures of me undressing. It felt a bit weird to start with but he says he loves me and then I didn’t care and sent him loads.

I never thought that he’d put private pictures of me online. He did it because I wouldn’t sleep with his older mates. Now the pictures are everywhere, and he’s got more that he’s threatening to put up there as well. Worse ones.

I don’t think I’ve got a choice…


Do you know the signs of child sexual exploitation?

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